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For more than 30 years, the AdcGroep has been specialized in catering concepts for both the private and business markets, which of our options is best for you?

PURA Coporatecatering

PURA Coporatecatering and Vending is active in whole the Netherlands. Daily we provides Coporatecatering and Vending at more than 200 companies and institutions.

PURA stands for quality and more than 30 years of experience. On a daily basis, there are more than 220 employees busy to make al our customers and useres happy. PURA Coporatecatering and Vending has there own productionfacility where on artisanal way there are, as much as possible, things made. Think about our own soups, meals, lunchbowls and every bakery products too. 

LaVie Partycatering

LaVie Catering provides both business and private catering at a high level. We do this at various locations throughout the Netherlands and at your company too. We have a huge warehouse with materials, furnitures and decoration. 

LaVie has a fun, hip and young team, with which LaVie is one of the top party caterers in the Netherlands. LaVie Catering creats more than 25 years enjoyable stories. We are a party caterer who does not turn there hand for a big event over 1.000 guests, but we think with you for small events too.  

Revolution in coporatecateringland!

PURA GO is a manned and unmanned Food Corner. The Grab & Go Mini Market offers a  wide range of products every moment of the day. PURA GO is there for the companies who wants a fresh, varied and healthy products for there employees. 

The PURA GO Mini Market is clearly arranged. Payment is easy with a self-scan checkout or if desired with the help of a PURA GO employee.  



PURA Catering

PURA Catering is active in corporate catering. Catering or vending is delivered on location to more than 200 companies and institutions on a daily basis.

This varies from the care of a few vending machines to the operation of a complete company restaurant.

Lavie Catering

LaVie Catering provides both business and private catering at a high level. We do this at various locations throughout the Netherlands.

LaVie has a fun, hip and young team, with which LaVie is one of the top party caterers in the Netherlands

Fair Food Company

Fair Food Company has been involved in catering for more than 35 years in the field of festivals, events and everything that comes with it.

With the party catering “Festival Style” Fair Food Company brings the festival feeling to every location!

Corporate Social Responsibility

AdcGroep has sustainability and corporate social responsibility on its agenda since 2010.

We achieve the success of these agenda items by constantly being aware of our ecological footprint, constantly searching for sustainable solutions and applying them wherever possible.

Logistical Resources

The logistics process of a caterer is a determining factor for our performance. From a sustainability point of view, efficient, fuel-efficient vehicles with low fuel consumption have been chosen.

We drive full vehicles and trucks as much as possible, and we also try to keep the number of transport movements as limited as possible. We plan our logistics movements outside rush hour and consult with a client if efficiency can be achieved.

Making fewer transport movements has been successfully started by reducing delivery days and preparing additional services on location. Electric transport is being considered, but that is not yet a realistic option for now.

(kpi: average fuel consumption 2019-1/7.7 <1 / 12.8>2023-1/14,5)
(kpi: load factor 2019-60% > 2021-80% > 2023-90%) ✅


We have taken various sustainable steps in the business premises. For example, the business premises are 90% equipped with LED lighting and motion switches. In 2018, energy consumption decreased by 18% compared to 2017.

The rainwater goes to an infiltration system, the glass is heat-resistant and warm is recovered from the freezer. In the coming years, investments will be made in solar panels and sedum. A plan has been worked out in which the roof of the company building is arranged as a roof garden. Here bees’ greenhouses must be given a place and a herb garden must be created.

(kpi: LED lighting 35%> 95%)✅ 2023 -> 97% LED lighting              (kpi: solar panels 2019-0 > 2024-300                                                  (kpi: beehives 0> 4)
(kpi: energy consumption 2019-260.000kw > 2021-220.000kw > 2023-180.000kw) ✅
(kpi: gas consumption 2019-28.000k > 2021-20.000k > 2023-12.000k) ✅

Responsible employer

Being a good employer is an obligation and a way to let good staff choose a company.

Within AdcGroep we have a confidential adviser, and women and men also receive the same pay and career opportunities. There is a fitness program, our staff association is very active and is supported by the company.

(kpi: membership PV 2019-79% > 2021-85% > 2023-90%)
(kpi: women | men 50% <50%)

Social Return

Social Return is an important part of the CSR policy. For years we have been creating employment opportunities for people who are at a distance from the labor market. This can be light kitchen work, checking for incoming goods or minor building maintenance.

We are involved and / or member of various social organizations including: Vincent van Gogh Institute, Education Group Extraordinary, ION, Werk Bedrijf Regio Nijmegen and JoGG. We have partnerships with multiple courses and offer permanent accommodation for 4 to 7 trainees.

(kpi: Sroi 3%> 6%)

Products & Local

The range of AdcGroep consists partly of products with an environmental quality mark such as Fair Trade / Max Havelaar, and we also use organic ingredients with the EKO quality mark. Only MSC fish is purchased and vegetarian suggestions are not on request but are actively offered.

At the start of 2017, an automation process was started to, among other things, bundle purchasing and make the demand for certain products more transparent.

(kpi: purchased locally 2019-14% > 2021-27% > 2023-40%)
(kpi: vegetarian/vegan 2019-9% > 2021-20% > 2023-37,5%) ✅
(kpi: quality mark/sustainable 2019-31%> 2023-65%)

Waste reduction

Part of the current automation process is combating food waste. Recipes are meticulously written out and accurately prepared to the gram. With every food supply we take into account the composition of guests, ages and eating patterns. In the unlikely event that certain dishes are consumed during an eating moment, we will consult and explain the situation, always providing an alternative.

In the context of waste reduction, we allow employees in our company restaurants to weigh their waste. We do this on the one hand for awareness and on the other hand to reduce the loss per location.

(kpi: food waste 9% <4%)

Re-use is Reduce

 Seperating waste is on PURA’s sustainability agenda too. With differrent waste bins at each location for organic, paper, plastic and other waste we also try to get our locations to think about properly seperating waste. Five new containers heve been purchased at our own locations, which means that not separting waste is no longer an option. In addition, the new press containers reduce emissions because the waste processor now only visits once every five weeks instead of twice a week. ✅ 

Second-hand consideration is given when purchasing equipment and inventory. There are platforms where supply and demand are brought together. If the quality and lifespan of the supply is in line with demand, second hand is a consideration.


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