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Vision & Mission PURA Catering

Pura is a medium-sized player in the Company catering market. Pura positions itself at the top of the middle segment. Companies from 200 employees can be served with a daily service.

Pura focuses on the broad spectrum of medium-sized and large SMEs and is strongly represented in companies in production, services, trade and logistics. With good pricing, good quality and a high degree of flexibility, this is a large market. The regions that Pura focuses on are Gelderland, Noord Brabant and Limburg.

Pura has the ambition to add something to its clients. Pura wants to be busy with healthy food and employee satisfaction.

Vision & Mission LaVie Catering

LaVie Catering operates at the top of the market. Trust is the keyword for clients. In this market segment and for group customers, everything has to go perfectly. Group customers are also customers of the Pura and FFC business unit.

With regard to its market position, LaVie Catering is in the higher segment. The target group must become wider through sharper pricing, while maintaining quality. Where previously 80 percent of the turnover came from the Randstad, a lot of work is now also done regionally.

LaVie Catering is active throughout the Netherlands, the Randstad still offers an important basis, but we are seeing a shift to Gelderland and North Brabant and Limburg.

Two new business units are to be created in 2020. These are a BU School Catering and a BU Mini Market.

PURA Pauze

School catering is close to company catering. The idea is to make a strategic acquisition to get a foothold.

It has been shown in the past that being unable to provide references is a serious shortcoming.

PURA Mini Markt

The Mini Market is an emerging phenomenon in corporate catering. This concept can be implemented in two ways.

An unmanned variant where the visitor pays Cashless or the manned variant that basically resembles a company restaurant.

The Mini Markt is suitable for large and small companies and can function alongside a company restaurant.


The own production facilities are a big plus. Across the enterprise, its own production offers the possibility to be distinctive and to respond quickly to trends.

The production includes both a hot and cold side. The production of soups, meal components and invested bread for all locations are located at 1 location.

Goals for 2026

AdcGroep heeft de ambitie om iets toe te voegen bij haar opdrachtgevers.


Self-generated electricity

Turnover in million

Employee satisfaction

Business locations

Healthy Vending locations

Educational locations

Commercial exhibitions

Vending Locations

Mini market locations

Co2 neutral


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